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  • Have a successful stay in France

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  • You must hold a valid «titre de séjour spécial» delivered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CMD/A-CD/A-CMD/M-CD/M-CMD/D-CD/DCC/C) or an «attestation de fonction» (CMR/A et CR/A-CMR/D -CR/D-CMR/M-CR/M)
  • The fees for annual membership and annual activities are due upon registration
  • The registration is firm and final and not refundable
  • Remember to subscribe a civil liability insurance to release the responsibility of the Association should there be an incident during the activities

Upload the membership form, fill it , print it and return us with a cheque payable to "Bienvenue en France", a photocopy of your diplomatic card and 2 passport size photos ID.

Send to :

Bienvenue en France

57, boulevard des Invalides

Bureau 1253

75007 PARIS


  • Respond promptly to invitations
  • Please, be on time for meetings and activities
  • Notify the organizers if you cannot attend a class, visit or exhibit
  • Please, inform us of any change of address, telephone number or e-mail and notify us if you leave France

All the organizers and the members of the board are voluntary!